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      Where others see complexity,
      we create opportunity



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      As of 9/30/19

      Aircastle has focused on providing our investors a steady return on investment through regular dividends. Since inception through September 30, 2019, we have paid over $925 million in aggregate dividends – additionally since 2011 we have increased dividend per share ten times. Since 2009 our assets have grown from $4.45 billion to $8.32 billion at September 30, 2019. Over this same period, our fleet has grown from 129 to 277 of owned and managed aircraft. During 2018, we dramatically improved the credit profile of the company, with recent ratings upgrades to BBB- by Standard & Poors and FitchRatings, in addition to Moody’s Investors Service rating upgrade to Baa3.

      Over the past ten years plus, Aircastle has developed, and enjoys, a well-earned reputation as a company with a unique and necessary position in the commercial aircraft leasing industry. Our investment strategy prioritizes risk adjusted returns that are not limited to any specific asset age grouping. We have invested across the age spectrum and continuously look for unique investment opportunities. Our franchise strength and positioning is supported by a team of professionals with extensive experience and deep network of contacts across the industry. As the only permanently capitalized leasing platform that is focused in the secondary market we have developed a competitive advantage characterized by solid execution abilities and sound financials.